Silicone Food Containers: A Simple But Complete Guide

silicone food storage containers

Understanding the ins and outs of food storage can take some complicated thinking.  Not because it’s a particular scientific topic, but it’s one that seems so hard to figure out as far as consumers and their needs are concerned.

Everyone had something to say about plastic containers: they were impossible to clean and took up too much space, they weren’t durable enough, they were too big.

But now we’ve entered the world of silicone food containers, and it seems as though most of the complaints have gone away.

Why?  Because silicone food storage containers take care of all of the needs that consumers have, even they didn’t know about those needs in the first place.

Take a look at the guide to follow to learn more about this new shift in food storage.

Silicone food containers are:

  • Easy to clean and won’t leave stains or residue: A remarkable thing about these silicone food containers is that you won’t find yourself dealing with staining or scratching or any oily residue that is so common with plastic containers. You can use it for pizza, spaghetti sauce, and all sorts of other staining foods. The residual materials will wash away and leave the boxes fresh for another use. It is also great for greasy foods that often take three or four washes to clean up. Just one wash and the container is good as new.


  • Easy to store away: collapsible food containers are great for storing, whether it’s in your cupboard, locker, office, backpack, or lunch bag. They have their full expanded capacity to keep your food properly portioned.  Then, they collapse in on themselves, and the lid snaps on, tucking the container away so that you don’t need to give up space for it in your day.  Yet, the snap-on lid is going to keep all messes inside the container.


  • Durable and long-lasting: Plastic may be lasting, but often you still need to deal with scratches and stains and cracks and lids that warp. You won’t run into any of that with the professional silicone containers on the market.  They’re scratch-resistant, durable when dropped, and will be long-lasting in terms of warping and twisting.  You’ll rely on these for your food, and they’ll keep you impressed each time that they deliver a quality product.


  • Their size is negotiable each time you use them: Food containers are one-size, but these are going to offer you customizable size each time you use them. That allows you to make the box fit your life instead of the other way around.  Great for those with busy schedules and varying food needs.


What you should know when buying a silicone collapsible food container:

If you can agree that collapsible food containers are a must-have for you, there are some details in mind to make the most out of these flat stacks containers.

That is where the guide details come into play in terms of making sure that you get the right ones for you.

Take accurate measurements to know what you’re getting

Silicone containers vary in size. A typical comment from consumers is that they thought the boxes would be bigger than they are in reality.

So, make sure that you shop to find the right dimensions for your needs, and don’t be afraid to take measurements to determine which ones are going to be the right ones.

That’s the best way to choose which ones are going to work with your life.

Be careful of notes on the containers being heat-safe/oven safe, etc.

Pretty much all silicone containers are microwave safe – what’s the point of using them if not right? – But some are oven-safe as well.

For your protection, it’s best if you take a careful look at the heat-safe specifications before purchasing.

Some have found that they thought their containers were safe for use in a toaster or traditional oven, only to have them warp out of shape when using them.

So, read the instructions carefully and take note of what you’re ordering in its heat-safe capacities.

You’re investing in containers long-term, so pay more

The last thing to know when looking at silicone containers is that they often will appear to cost quite a bit more than the plastic ones that you’re used to.

It can be off-putting, especially if you are on a budget. However, you are investing in containers that are going to be around for a long time.

They’re quality-made, practical, professional, and designed to last for excessive use. So, the cost is going to be higher as a result.

Choosing to switch to silicone food containers doesn’t always appear to be an easy one when you are looking at it from far away.

But, when you see what this guide can offer in its comprehensive but straightforward information, it doesn’t seem like such a hard decision. The best thing is, you can do it at your own pace.

If you love silicone containers, but you don’t want to jump all the way in, choose one package of smaller ones and see how you like them.

When you gauge just how you want to use them in your daily life, you can adapt your collection to suit your needs.  Add more sizes, explore more colors, etc.


There is no wrong way to look at something as transformational as silicone food containers.  But knowing what separates a good one from a bad one is essential.

Make sure that you understand just what you’re getting into so that you can best prepare yourself for the adventure to come.

It’s bound to be new, exciting, innovative, and fun – especially with the color options out there.  All that’s left for you now is to figure out just how you want to jump into the exciting and bright world of collapsible silicone containers.

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